Alfredo (Fred) Monaco

Alfredo was born in Montreal in 1969 to parents who emigrated from Italy in the 1950s. He grew up in Montreal and earned his Bachelor of Commerce (B.Comm) from Concordia University in 1993.  His first employment was at Emslie Transport in Dorval where he gained extensive knowledge of trucking, specifically in operations and administration.


In 2005, Mexuscan Cargo acquired Emslie Transport and Alfredo was promoted the role of Vice President of Human Resources. In addition to his main responsibilities, he also participated in the acquisition process of many companies, advised the sales department and was responsible for the Emslie Transport division. In January 2018, he became President of Mexuscan Cargo.


Alfredo is a humble person, who always has the time to listen to others. He is a perfectionist with a strong work ethic in addition to being « an iron fist in a velvet glove ».


With the ongoing collaboration and assistance of his colleagues, Alfredo is responsible for the continued evolution of the organization while always maintaining Mexuscan Cargo`s fundamental family values of honesty, transparency and respect.


Robert Goyette

Chairman of the board