Warehousing / Logistics / Dedicated Services


From 1968, when the first building was built to meet the demand for heated storage surfaces south of Montreal, therefore Les Entrepôts Goyette Inc. was founded.

Over the years, three additional buildings were added and offer both long and short term storage service, ranging from days to weeks.

In addition to storage, this division offers various services such as:

  • The unloading of containers
  • Order Preparation
  • Palletizing
  • Computerized inventory

To reach the manager of Les Entrepôts Goyette Inc, call:

1-800-361-5151 ext 3313


To be able to provide a complete transport service, we have developed a logistics division and are associated with hundreds of carriers to cover all of North America, just as well in truck load, less-than-truckload, dry products, refrigerated or over-dimensional.

Therefore, all your needs can be met dialing: 1-800-363-3045

Dedicated Transport

In 1980, we proposed to customers to operate and manage their own private fleet.

A company specializing in food supply and another in the railway sector have requested our company to manage the trucking component their business.

This new service showed that we were more efficient and economical because our clients had to use an external garage, they did not have the expertise to handle logistics, nor a steady supply of driver for replacement purposes or have replacement vehicle at their disposal such as a tractor or replacement trailer.

Just as in the beginning, today we are pleased to provide vehicles specific to customer demands with their colors and branding; it has all the advantages of a private fleet without the disadvantages.

This solution is much more advantageous than conventional lease as we include in the price, the necessary insurances, maintenance costs, fuel, vehicle replacement and the drivers.

To reach the manager of our dedicated service division:

Call 1-800-361-5151 ext 3313