Cargo Liability & Waiting Time

The shipper, forwarder, the broker or any other interested party to the contract of transport, bills of lading or other forms of agreement or transport order acknowledges the carrier’s liability (Mexuscan Cargo, Magog Express Transport (1982), Emslie Transport, Urgel Charette Transport, RPR Transport, Express Venise, Livrabec, and Antonio Goyette Transport) as follows:

Limited liability tardiness or delays

In the event of a tardiness or delay, at the time of pick-up or delivery, attributable solely to the carrier, the carrier`s liability will be a maximum of $100 per shipment.

Limited liability damage or loss

In the event of damage, loss, direct or indirect to the goods or cause related to the carrier’s responsibility, our responsibility as the carrier is limited to $ 2.00 CDN per pound or $ 4.41 CDN per kg weight of object (s) lost or damaged, regardless of the total weight of the shipment.

Unless otherwise agreed in a separate written agreement, anyone who entrusts us with one or more shipments accepts our liability as limited as described here above.  In the event that the parties would have agreed to a liability other than the one mentioned above, by virtue of a declared value, a surcharge to the amount equivalent to 4% of the declared value would apply to the transportation cost. 

Carriers are not liable for loss or damage caused by:

● Force major as defined by section 1470 of the Quebec Civil Code, included but not restricted, to robbery according to section 343 of the Criminal Code of Canada

● Act of God (i.e. Tornado, flood, earthquake, etc)

● Public enemy

● Authority of law

● Act or default of shipper (i.e. improper packaging, improper labeling, improper palletizing, improper handling instructions, improper description)

● Defect or inherent vice of the commodity

● Natural shrinkage

Waiting Time

Waiting time allowable at pick-up and/or delivery:

LTL shipments (less than 4,999 lbs)     –     30 minutes

Shipments of 5,000 lbs or more             –     1 hour

Time exceeding the allowable period will be charged at the current hourly rate