Responsibility for payment of transportation charges

Freight and transport costs and their payments are the responsibility of the consignee listed on the bill of lading.

In order for the freight, transportation charges and their payments to be the responsibility of the shipper, the shipper shall, upon issuance of the bill of lading, indicate on the bill of lading *charges prepaid* (prepaid).

When a shipper or consignee entrusts a shipment to a transport intermediary (load broker, as described by the Commission des transports du Québec,, the organization of transport, the responsible party for paying the freight and transportation costs under the bill of lading, remains and will remain jointly and solely responsible for paying the freight and transportation costs with the intermediary implicated in the transaction. If the intermediary fails to make payment on delivery, for various reasons such as bankruptcy, closure, lack of funds or other things, the responsible for the payment, the shipper or consignee, whichever the case, must pay the carrier ( Mexuscan, Magog, RPR, Emslie as applicable) on demand, even if the freight and transport costs have already been paid to one or more intermediaries for services provided by the carrier.

The parties on the bill of lading agree to be informed by the present that an intermediary who provides transport services is not a carrier and that section 2035 of the Civil Code of Quebec does not apply.