Van & temperature controlled trailers

Since 1934, Transport Charette, a Quebec carrier, used closed and refrigerated trailers in Quebec only. Its operations began with Domtar in Beauharnois using closed trailers and with Green Giant in Ste-Martine using refrigerated trailers.  From there, our client list grew to include Hershey’s Chocolates, Nabisco, Reno Depot, Sico, SAQ and Recyc-Québec just to name a few.

Mexuscan Cargo is the International counterpart of Transport Charette and is located in the province of Quebec in Canada.  Mexuscan Cargo focuses on Pan-Canadian, American and Mexican operations for shipments with closed trailers and temperature controlled trailers.  The whole fleet consists of recent 53-foot trailers which are maintained in two state of the art garages.  Our first garage is located at our head office in Ste-Martine, Quebec and a second garage at our terminal in Cowansville, Quebec.  Certified mechanics are under the supervision of experienced supervisors with the objective of maintaining the fleet at level of 100% at all times.  Our slogan is, “Service has a name” and to us this means on-time delivery service and supplying our customer`s demands and needs.

To route shipments in Mexican territory, it was essential to develop a strong partnerships with quality Mexican carriers. Alliances were formed in 1999 and after all these years, these partnerships serve as key to our success.

It is our pleasure to serve a diverse customer base between Canada and Mexico.  Some of these include the pharmaceutical, cosmetics, aerospace, automotive and food processing industry.

Our drivers are also certified to handle hazardous materials as Mexuscan Cargo has several customers in the chemical industries.

To reach the manager of operations for closed and refrigerated trailers for shipments destined to the United States and Mexico:

Call 1-800-361-5151 ext 3306

For shipments originating from Mexico and the United States to Canada:

1-800-361-5151 ext 3322